Did you just Bring Home a new puppy?

Are you struggling with your puppy's behavior? Do potty accidents and constant mouthing leave you feeling overwhelmed? Is walking your pup more like a chaotic tug-of-war than a pleasant stroll? Don't Worry! Our exclusive Puppy Primer Program is specifically designed to address all these pain points and more.

Let Me Train Your Puppy for You!

How it Works

Your puppy stays with me Monday through Friday where they get a head start on all the basics such as potty training, coming when called, quality socialization experiences, leave it, sit, down, and foundational leash skills. On Fridays your puppy will return to you for the weekend, you'll be given a rundown of how to continue keeping up with the training while the puppy stays with you. We offer pick up and drop off services within 1 hour of Saratoga Springs.

What is Included?

  • 3 weeks of Training and Socialization Experiences.
  • Three 1 hour Private Sessions at Drop Off.
  • 6 week Puppy Group Class
  • Trainer recommended toys and treats
  • A plethora of hand outs and write ups to help keep your puppy on the right path!
  • Access to my one of a kind boarding services in the future (Only available to training clients).
  • Ongoing email and text support after board and train.

    Investment: $3,296

What Clients are Saying

wow! Sounds great. How do I sign up?

Our first step is to set up an initial consultation. The initial consultation is held in your home, and is 60-90 minutes long. In this consult, you’ll have a chance to meet me and determine if I’m the right trainer for you. It also gives us the opportunity to talk about current challenges you’re facing with your puppy, the unique dynamics of your home(every one is unique! Just like dogs!), and I will give you some tips and tricks to help set your puppy up for success. The cost for the initial consultation is $120. This cost is applied to your package cost as a discount if you choose to proceed with the board and train program.