Preparing Your Dog for Fireworks: Tips for a Safe and Calm Fourth of July

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The anticipation of July 4th is building up, and as the summer flies by, it’s important to remember that “Firework season” is right around the corner, especially for those of us in New York. If you have a dog who either hasn’t experienced fireworks or is scared of them, here are three simple tips to help you and your dog to navigate this potentially stressful time.

  1. Start early with positive associations: To prepare your dog for the sound of fireworks, it’s never too early to begin. Engage your dog in activities they love, such as giving them their favorite chew toy, a stuffed Kong, or a Lickimat. Simultaneously, play recorded firework sounds on your TV or phone at a volume that catches your dog’s attention without causing anxiety or distress. The key here is to create positive associations by pairing the sound of fireworks with enjoyable experiences for your dog.
  2. Utilize white noise: White noise can be a great tool to minimize the impact of loud noises on your dog. Play calming music or keep the TV on at a reasonable volume to help mask the sounds of fireworks. This background noise can help your dog relax and distract them from the potentially distressing sounds.
  3. Consult your Veterinarian for medication options: If your dog suffers from severe noise sensitivity, it’s crucial to consult your Veterinarian about using as-needed medication. There’s no shame in seeking medication to help your pet through a highly stressful experience. Remember, some breeds and individuals are more sensitive to noise than others, and your Veterinarian can guide you in finding the right solution for your dog’s needs.

Ensure safety and prevention

Aside from keeping your pet calm and stress-free, it’s equally important to prioritize safety during firework displays. Avoid letting your dog roam freely outside during fireworks. If necessary, keep them on a leash to prevent them from running off due to fear. It’s also essential to make sure your dog has proper identification, including a tag and a microchip. In case your dog gets startled and runs away, clear identification will make it easier to reunite with them.


By following these tips, you can help your dog have a safe and calm Fourth of July. Remember to start early with positive associations, utilize white noise, and consult your Veterinarian if necessary. Additionally, prioritize safety by preventing your dog from wandering off and ensuring they have proper identification. With these preparations in place, you and your dog can enjoy the holiday festivities with peace of mind.

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Preparing Your Dog for Fireworks: Tips for a Safe and Calm Fourth of July

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